Tenzing Pacific Services

is an insurance and financial services agency that works with the best network of product providers in Asia. We help our clients choose the best provider based on their specific needs and financial capabilities. 

Our  goal is to help our clients navigate the often treacherous and confusing markets for insurance and financial services in Asia. We work with over 50 different product providers, including over 30 health insurers,  to offer a range of personal & corporate insurance products, but specializing in health & life insurance and international savings plans.

Tenzing Pacific was founded on providing professional and accountable advice, sound recommendations and first-rate products and services.

With every client, we present risk management advice on personal and professional risks. Our educated assessment helps clients make better decisions regarding their financial security and protection.

Our independence from insurance companies and financial institutions makes it possible for us to always prioritize our clients’ needs first and foremost. This means YOU are our priority and YOUR needs take precedence over anything else.

What's in a Name?

They say there is power in a name and we sure have that in spades;

“Tenzing” is from Tenzing Norgay, the famous Nepalese sherpa who who helped Sir Edmund Hillary become the first person to reach the summit Mt. Everest/

“Pacific,” on the other hand, came from Sir Edmund’s birthplace. He was born on the Pacific coast of New Zealand. 

The combined names reflects the core of Tenzing Pacific Services; to prioritize the needs of our clients while assisting them through professional guidance with topnotch providers and products. This way, they can climb and conquer their own version of Mt. Everest.