Affinity Group Insurance

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Affinity Plans

Traditionally group health insurance is through an employer, where the policyholder is a company & payment is done from a company bank account.

With affinity group insurance, a group of linked people can get the benefits & discount of group health insurance, without being a company.  Some examples:

  • Membership rewards programs

  • Chambers of commerce

  • Business clubs

  • Amateur sports teams + leagues

  • Social clubs

  • Group of employees who do not get sponsored insurance

Why Affinity Plans?

Protect Members

Make sure your members are adequately protected with quality health insurance. 

Boost Membership

Attract & retain members with attractive benefits at a discounted rate.

Mix & Match

Freedom to fully mix & match coverage area, benefits, deductible to meet any individual needs & budget. 

Group Discount

Discounted insurance, which typically saves each member between $100-$300 per year. 

Family Discount

15 Off for Individual

20% Off for Couples

25% Off for Family of 4+

Plan Summary

Coverage Area

Choice of:

1) SE Asia excluding Singapore

2) Worldwide excl. USA

3) Worldwide

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Premiums are based on Age, Benefits, Coverage Area & Deductible options.  To get a quote for your affinity group, please contact Tenzing below.  Here is some real sample pricing for different customer profiles:

Customer Profile Standard Rate Discount Affinity Rate & Savings
34 years old
Inpatient only
Worldwide excl. USA
15%  $1,115
38 years old
Inpatient + Outpatient
SE Asia excl. Singapore
($334 )
42 & 35 years old
Inpatient only
SE Asia excl. Singapore

(Essential 100k)
20%                      $1,404                                            ($352)

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