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BBGV |   Health Insurance Discount

Protect yourself, your loved ones or your employees with international medical insurance.   BBGV can now offer it's members discounts as follows:

15% OFF  = individual

20%  OFF = couple  

22.5% OFF = family of 3  

25%  OFF  = family of 4+



Insurance provided by April International. Policy administration & Customer Service  provided by Tenzing Pacific Services. 

Mix & Match

 Select your own benefits, coverage area 

International Coverage

SE Asia or Worldwide coverage, with direct billing across Asia at the best hospitals & clinics

Hospitals in HCMC

  • Raffles

  • Family Medical

  • FV 

  • Columbia Asia

  • Victoria

  • CMI

  • Vinmec

  • & More


VATs available if you'd like to make this a company expense



                                                                                                          Optional Add-ons

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