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British Council

Special 15% Discount for Health Policies

Travelling between schools and training centres can be quite dangerous. Tenzing is happy to offer Teachers at the British Council in HCMC with group rates from one of our best providers, to cover you on and off the road.


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Quality International Health Insurance:

  • Choice of 2 plans (Inpatient only, or Inpatient + Outpatient cover)

  • Essential Plan includes Emergency Minor Surgery (other providers will require Outpatient)

  • Covers SE Asia excluding Singapore (upgrade options available)

  • Pre-existing conditions can be covered

  • Covered for traffic injuries (*license required if driving)

  • Further discounts for dependants

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Direct Billing Network in HCMC, Hanoi, etc.:  

  • FV

  • Family Medical Practice

  • Raffles

  • Victoria

  • Columbia Asia

  • CMI

  • Vinmec  

Essential Direct Billing: Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia.
Plus: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore



  • Must have 5+ people to start

  • Premiums must be paid annually

  • All initial members will have the same start date

  • 30 days to pay from the declared start date

Premium Notes:
  • Price shown are inclusive of group discount

  • Further discount available if joining with spouse/children

  • Prices do not include coverage for any pre-existing conditions

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For the members who are interested, Tenzing will arrange a time to meet to go over details, collect application forms & then wash it down with beers for 1 hour, on the house.


Benefit Table

Plan 1 = Essential Plan
Plan 2 =  Extensive outpatient

Direct Billing Network

Just show your card!

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