Maternity Benefits



Costs of normal delivery expenses, including all expenses

Pre & Post Natal

Get all your pre & post natal visits covered within the routine delivery benefit



if the birth is complicated, medical expenses can rise quickly. Have peace of mind with $22,100 complications coverage


Newborn Care

coverage within the first 30 days of life for any immediate medical needs after birth



Get all child immunizations covered. 



Get all child's routine doctor visits covered under outpatient benefit

10- Month Waiting Period

  A waiting period is the amount of time you need to wait before any maternity benefits can be used.  Conception can still happen within the waiting period, just no benefits are eligible until the waiting period has been met, which is 10 months.

Key Features

Coverage from Birth

Baby is covered from birth with no medical underwriting if child is added within 30 days from birth. 

Direct Billing

Get the delivery covered with direct billing at the hospitals in Asia. 


100% fully guaranteed from one the world's biggest insurers, Lloyd's of London.

Maternity Insurance Quotes


When you combine all the pre-natal visits + routine delivery expenses at an international hospital, we recommend having at least $2,500 USD for routine maternity coverage & then supplemental coverage for complications. 

The baby will be added to the same plan as the mother &  have the same benefits. 

You'll be able to go to all the major international hospitals + wide range of local hospitals. 

After you pass your maternity waiting period, maternity coverage begins.  After birth, the baby is covered under newborn care for the first X days, varying by provider. Then you typically have 30 days to add the baby to the mother's plan, without underwriting.  At that time, there will be an additional fee to add the child which is the children's rate but prorated based on how many days are left on the policy. 

Most regional & international providers cover children from birth, including for any congenital issues it may be born with.  Most Vietnamese providers, will only cover children after 15 or 30 days, meaning any conditions it's born with are not covered. As there are more restrictions & less risk, Vietnamese maternity insurance plans have lower premiums. 

Yes & no-  you can buy it, but maternity benefits will not be eligible due to the waiting period.